Hello world!

Now I know many have been sucked into the blogging trend lately and I had no intention of following them.  However, I am notoriously terrible at keeping in touch with people, writing things down, journaling, getting my camera out to take photos, and anything else related to recording and communicating great experiences.  Its not that I lack the skill, its just that I am always too focused on living and actually experiencing those experiences rather than talking, tweeting, photographing, or recording them.

So, I have decided to begin writing a blog.  I’m not trying to become famous or get into journalism or anything.  I just want to share my experiences and leave something to help remember them.  I have been to many wondrous places on this great Earth and failed miserably and recording my experiences each time.  That needs to change and I hope to start here and now.

You may be wondering where exactly that may be.  Well, I am currently in Costa Rica.  I will be here for five weeks on a Travel-Study program with UC Irvine, studying Public Health.  This is my first solo trip abroad, for which I will receive 8 credits for UC that will be put towards my minor.  I am so excited and I hope to successfully record at least some of my experiences.  Wish me luck!

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3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Diana K.

    Wow am I impressed! Woo HOO What a great start. How was orientation today? Have you spotted any wildlife? What is the hotel like? Where is your roommate Alexandra from?

    Just MOM Love and Hugs!

    • The orientation was fine, just got a lot of info about the school and the trips, bus schedules and so on. My roommate Alex is from Utah and she just finished her first year at UC Irvine.

  2. Karan

    So glad you started this. I am excited about your time there. Enjoy it to the fullest!

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