Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Alright, so maybe the trains shouldn’t be in the title, but that would ruin the aesthetics of the phrase.  This entry (or entries I should say) focuses mainly on planes.  After all, I was on one plane or another for a total of 8.5 hours.  Luckily, I somehow managed to record the experience at the time.  I began writing before I even left California.  The following is what I wrote while in the SFO airport:

20 June 2010

I am hopefully about to depart on my first solo international flight.  I am going to Costa Rica, with a quick stop in San Salvador, El Salvador on the way.  I wasn’t in SFO more than five minutes before I made my first friends.  standing in line to check in with TACA airlines for the trip to SAL I got to talking with two girls in line behind me.  They will be staying in El Salvador for 10 days working on building houses.  The group they were with was taking group pictures without them because they’re all from the same school in Sonoma (where the program is from) and my two friends are from Sacramento.  They don’t know anyone but each other.

One of them was interested in the UC system, even UCSD in particular, so I answered her questions and hopefully gave her some helpful information.  I managed to find a good book I’ve been looking for in tone of the shops here at the airport so I’ve been well entertained since then.  now i’m just waiting, hoping they will board soon so I don’t miss my connection to SJO (thought at this point I don’t see how I’ll make it as it is now 1:27am and we were scheduled to take off at 1:22, boarding at 12:52am).  There is another TACA flight headed to San Salvador in the gate next to mine but it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon either.

Wait, it is now 1:30 and they are just starting to board my flight.  I’ll (hopefully) write more later.  I’m so excited!

Later that night, I actually did manage to pick the pen back up and continue:

I am now situated in my hotel room with my roommate, another Alexandra who goes by Alex.  Because my first flight was delayed, I ran to catch the connection in SAL but everything went smoothly.  They knew we had connecting flights so they waited for us, thankfully.  (My first flight landed at the time my connection was supposed to take off).

I didn’t sleep much on the plane until the last hour before we reached SAL.  The flight from San Salvador to San Jose was too short (only an hour – that’s even shorter than the bay area down to San Diego) to get much sleep and I was awake from running to catch the plane anyways, so I got no extra sleep there.  Instead, I took a nap after Fernando (our guide for the trip) picked me up at SJO and dropped me off at the hotel, telling me he’d be by later to tell me when to be ready to leave for dinner.

I awoke around 2pm to dazedly find my roommate and her dad dropping off her stuff (they arrived in Costa Rica a few days earlier), but quickly fell asleep again.  Later, when I was more awake and actually somewhat coherent, we started talking and getting to know each other.  Alex is originally from Utah (she told me this with the disclaimer that she is NOT Mormon) and just completed her first year at UC Irvine.  Not knowing when dinner would be, we joked about the group leaving without us only to find a few hours later that they had.  When we asked what time they would be leaving, the lady at the front desk of the hotel told us that they had already left about a half hour before.  She said Fernando was picking up people from the airport still though, and might be able to come and get us.  She called him (well, she at least told us she did, she hopefully at least left him a message) and we waited.

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