My [past-]Midnight Creation


Motion from a single touch

creation in a finger’s tip

from whomever holds the brush

or from immortal water sips.

While others laugh,

this mind doth drink

to make the means

and art, to THINK.

The Muses play but can’t perform

when artists of their ears are shorn.

The story behind it:

I went to bed exhausted but couldn’t sleep.  Around 2am, rubbing lotion into my hands gave me inspiration and I quickly grabbed a notebook and pencil. I wrote this the first time through, finally actually CREATING something.  This made me happy, but at the same time sad.

I miss creativity, and art, and literature, and Shakespeare, and poetry, and critical analysis, and all of those often annoying but absolutely wonderful things my crazy schedule no longer allows time/energy/inspiration for.  I’m doing a lot at once this quarter, but I feel like art is missing (dance has been replaced by fencing, classes on Shakespeare replaced by computer programming, reading for pleasure replaced by studying for midterms, analyzing interesting literature replaced by writing three essays on the same dry and poorly-written historical article).  I’m enjoying what I do (it is college after all and there are so many fascinating things one can learn here) but I’m too artistic a person to go without some form of creative expression and analysis.  Perhaps I will try to fit in time dedicated to some form of art on a regular basis, ita.

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