The Final Countdown

We have arrived at the final countdown to my departure.  The next few days will be the last I spend in the US this year as I leave for Spain and Morocco in less than a week.  The continuous cycle of hurry up and wait, so pervasive in any travel experience, has already begun to make itself felt.

My bags are (mostly) packed, plane tickets and reservations are in order, and I’m looking forward to exploring Madrid before meeting my study abroad group in Granada, Spain for orientation.  All that’s left is to finish my engagements this week (which somehow seem to have become both extremely busy and full of time with nothing to do) and double-check (aka. finish or perhaps re-do) my packing job.

  • Clothes? – check
  • Toilet paper? – check
  • Diarrhea-preventing medicine (and antibiotics)? – check
  • [Fake] Wedding Band? – check
  • Scarves? – check

Yep, I think I’m ready.

Since my farewell dinner party took place last Saturday, my imminent departure suddenly feels much closer and much more real.  However, there is not really anything left to do to prepare.  So, here I am, starting the final countdown.  There are now 6 days left until I leave, 7 until I arrive in Spain and the great adventure begins.  Europe and Africa here I come!

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2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Roger Salter

    Good travels my friend and may all paths traveled bring you all you deserve and are seeking. You have let me know (again) the world will be ok with people like you moving it forward.
    We think and talk of you often and will follow your travels/travails with joy and a little envy.
    Be well
    Roger & Mary

  2. Terri Tanner

    Looking forward to hearing all about your travels this coming year! Enjoy!
    Terri Tanner

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