8am Spanish time
Somewhere over the Atlantic

Three more hours to go until arrival in Madrid.  Time is an interesting thing, and never does it seem so arbitrary as when travelling.  Hours on a plane can stretch like days or flit by in the blink of an eye.  Adjusting to different time zones can be perfectly seamless or horrendously impossible.  So far, I think this trip has gone the way of the former.  Thankfully.

It’s strange, most of the time when I travel somewhere new, I end up having a harder time sleeping on the way there.  This time however, has seemed pretty standard – perhaps I’ve become so used to flying every few months for school that it no longer phases me, idk.  On this latest flight to MAD I was asleep before the plane even left the ground.  I suppose getting up at 4:30am after only two hours of sleep will do that to you.
Toronto was an interesting airport, if somewhat strict about connections (everyone had to go through customs before being funneled back into the same terminal they arrived in).  I enjoyed the big windows, views of the city, and art installations and was happy to find a cool keychain for my cousin in India.

I’ve come to realize some great benefits to travelling by oneself.  There’s no one to wait for, hold up, or keep track of as you navigate security, customs, boarding, etc.  There are also a lot more opportunities to talk to people and make new friends.  On my flight from SFO to Toronto (YYZ) for example, I sat next to a lady from Greece who probably loves and appreciates travelling as much as I do [which is saying something].  Needless to say, that first flight went by much faster than I anticipated.  Five hours went by in no time.  Let’s hope the next three do so as well.

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