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Casablanca and Rabat

Inside the Hassan II Mosque

Last weekend was our excursion to Casablanca and Rabat.  I didn’t really get much sleep but it was certainly a lot of fun.  I’ve definitely decided I do not like tours though.  We had a few tours this weekend, some walking, some on the bus, some that combined both.  I always find I enjoy places better when I’m allowed to explore them on my own.  I want to learn about them too, but some guides can ramble on forever.   But I digress, besides the tours it was a fun trip.   I enjoyed seeing the Hassan II mosque in Casa.  It’s HUGE and the architecture is gorgeous!  After exploring the inside of the mosque we hung out on the edge overlooking the ocean.  Some Moroccan boys then proceeded to convince some of the group to jump off the edge into the Atlantic.  It was pretty epic.  =D

Our one night in Casablanca was full of adventures.  Roaming the streets looking for somewhere to eat we stumbled upon a “Puerto Rican” pizza place/creperie.  It was definitely hole-in-the-wall and we had the place to ourselves (it was late afternoon after all), but I’m pretty sure it was the best pizza I’ve had in a long time.

We wandered our way back to the hotel after dinner, passing through the main plaza where we traumatized pigeons by the fountain earlier that afternoon.   The night was far younger than we expected when we got back so we hung out at the hotel for a while before we felt it was late enough to head out to some of the clubs we had heard of.   Taxis in Casa are expensive (at least by my Moroccan standards) so I only went to one club but it was a lot of fun.  It was called La Bodega and had a Spanish theme down to the drinks and music.   It was really interesting to see how behind-closed-doors it was though.  When I first walked in I was slightly confused because it didn’t look like what I was expected (not that I knew what I was expecting at the time).   The main floor was set up like a restaurant with a small stage for entertainment but downstairs was a full bar with crowds of people dancing to great Spanish music.  I felt like I was back in Costa Rica since it had a very similar feel to some of the clubs I went to there, and the music brought back memories as well.   After a while some of the group decided to take taxis to another club and I headed home to catch a few short hours of sleep before getting up early to go to Rabat the next morning.

Blue walls in Rabat

Rabat surprised me by its cleanliness.  The city had a really nice vibe, along with a temperate climate and a refreshing ocean breeze.  Our tour was long but we saw some interesting places.  I especially liked the blue-washed walls, supposedly made so to keep mosquitoes away.  After the tour we had some free time to eat and wander the city.   I explored the souk and watched my friends barter, having spent far more money in Casablanca than I had anticipated.  I always enjoy wandering and exploring though and when it came time to meet the rest of the group, Gabriel and I were the last on the bus.  Thank goodness for Moroccan time.

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Intercultural Forum Website

As some of you may know, ISA began hosting an annual intercultural forum a few years ago, collaborating with students and officials from various countries.   This year, the forum is moving to Sevilla, Spain in the hopes of making it even more accessible to the international community.   Members of our group are already working hard on their projects and presentations for the event which will take place in November, during fall break.   Before the forum can take place, however, we need input from people around the world about some of the issues we plan to discuss.  One group of ISA students has put together a website for just this purpose and we would all greatly appreciate your contributions.   Please answer the questions on the website:  The overarching topic of the forum is intercultural dialogue in media and social networking society and ISA’s focus is on cultural diversity within globalization.   We’d love to recieve input from everyone so please, check out the website, share it with your friends and family, and help us make this intercultural forum truly great.

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