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As some of you may know, ISA began hosting an annual intercultural forum a few years ago, collaborating with students and officials from various countries.   This year, the forum is moving to Sevilla, Spain in the hopes of making it even more accessible to the international community.   Members of our group are already working hard on their projects and presentations for the event which will take place in November, during fall break.   Before the forum can take place, however, we need input from people around the world about some of the issues we plan to discuss.  One group of ISA students has put together a website for just this purpose and we would all greatly appreciate your contributions.   Please answer the questions on the website:  The overarching topic of the forum is intercultural dialogue in media and social networking society and ISA’s focus is on cultural diversity within globalization.   We’d love to recieve input from everyone so please, check out the website, share it with your friends and family, and help us make this intercultural forum truly great.

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One thought on “Intercultural Forum Website

  1. Roger Salter

    We (Mary and I) really want to thank you for the hours of thoughts and conversations we are enjoying as we start to answer the “cultural diversity” survey. We are really having to think about each response and what is our respective ideas or beliefs.
    Good grist for the mill as it were.
    We will post our responses as soon as we come up with heartfelt and experienced responses.
    Thank you and what a gift you have given us.
    More to come.
    Be well
    Roger Salter (and Mary Finley by proxy)

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