Photography Fun

I just returned from a weekend trip to Sebta and Chefchaouen with friends.  Details on the events of our exploits are forthcoming but I’ve been having some fun with the pictures I took and I wanted to share some of them.  I just discovered some new functions in my photo editor and the trip offered some spectacular scenery that made for good shots to begin with.  Here’s some of what I’ve played with so far from my Sebta pics:

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6 thoughts on “Photography Fun

  1. I hope you enjoy your year in Morocco. My family just moved to Tangier and we’ve been loving it!

    • Thank you, I’ve been loving every minute. Congratulations on the move to Tangier, I hope you continue to enjoy your time here in Morocco as much as I have. It truly is an amazing place. Marhaban!

  2. Diana Inslee

    Alex that snail is amazing!! I love how translucent it looks. Is that red algae on the beach and what beach is this? Very good photos, thanx, and as always nice rocks!


    • Shukran madre. =) Yes it is red algae on the beach. All of these pictures were taken in Sebta and this beach was on the southern side of the peninsula.

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