The Book of Life – Choosing Uncertainty

This Is Your Life: If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

It’s a tough question but one I know the answer to almost immediately: No.  I would not read it.

I’m constantly deliberating over what I should do in the future.   I agonize over it.  I have no idea what will happen one year, let alone five or ten down the road.  And that can be really scary and exhausting sometimes.

But it can also be absolutely exhilarating.  The world is full of possibility.  Anything could happen and I live for that buoyant uncertainty.

Knowing the future would reduce some of the stress and trepidation in life, but with it you would lose your sense of adventure.  You would lose the sense of accomplishment after making it through those uncertain times.  And I fear you would lose the sense that anything  you did could make a difference.

That’s a high price to pay for knowledge.

As I continue to muddle my way through life I know I will continue to worry about the future, to be uncertain about which path to take or how things might turn out.  But it wouldn’t be an adventure without a little fear and in uncertain times it’s nice to know that anything is possible.

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