Bucket List

No countries or places will be listed (with the exception of activities for me to do that require a specific location) because the truth is that I want to go everywhere.   The world is my bucket list!   But for now, here’s something a bit more specific:

  • Skydive
  • Hike Half Dome
  • Become fluent in another language (currently working on Spanish and Arabic)
  • Live with a host family in another country (Morocco 2012)
  • Couchsurf (First time in Berlin 2012)
  • TEFL/TESOL certification
  • Road trip the US
  • Get some sort of first aid certification (WFR, etc) or at least learn the necessary skills (CPR & FirstAid Certification Sept 2012)
  • Get “I Can’t” back out of my vocabulary
  • Publish something I’ve written
  • Eat some “strange” foods (maggots, liver, brain, lengua, camel, and counting)
  • Go surfing (Hawaii 2009)
  • Backpack across a significant distance
  • Ski in Africa
  • Ski the Alps
  • Learn how to ride a bike
  • Run into someone I know in a different country than where I know them from
  • Take a boat through fjords
  • Walk on a glacier
  • Climb a volcano (Costa Rica 2010)
  • Zip-line through the rain forest (Costa Rica 2010)
  • White-water raft over a waterfall
  • Do winter sports/activities in the Southern Hemisphere (i.e. during the North’s summer)
  • Scale Mt. Nimbus (see the Via Ferrata)

To be continued…

Other crazy things I didn’t think I would do/weren’t on my bucket list but that I have done:

  • Stick my hand in a cow’s stomach (UC Davis 2008)
  • Black water rafting through glowworm-filled caves (New Zealand 2009)
  • Longest “Flying-Fox” (zipline lying face-down) in the Southern Hemisphere (Gravity Canyon, New Zealand 2009)
  • Bungee jumping (Costa Rica 2010)
  • Climb Mt. Sinai (Egypt 2011)
  • Eat brain (this was actually an accident, Morocco 2012)
  • Move to a different state at short notice (left California in 2013)

3 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. You haven’t hiked Half Dome yet?! You better be back in the States in September and we’ll get you up there 🙂

  2. Diana Inslee

    Edit needed, You Zip lined in New Zealand through a canyon over a river in Sept. 2009, o yeah with your mother wheeee.

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